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Poster Sessions

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IM 2007 Poster Sessions

In addition to regular papers presented in technical sessions, IM 2007 also offers poster sessions for more informal interactions and presenting work in progress.

Posters on Tuesday, 22 May

  • A Capacity Planning Framework for Multi-tier Enterprise Services with Real Workloads
  • A Classification-Based Approach to Policy Refinement
  • A distributed signaling for the provisioning of on-demand VPN services in transport networks
  • A Framework for Congestion Control for Reliable Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Framework for Lightweight QoS Provisioning: Network Planes and Parallel Internets
  • A Logic-based Approach for IP Network Services Management and Configuration
  • A Model-based Simulation Approach to Error Analysis of IT Services
  • A Scalable Modeling Language for Specifying Access Control in Tree Based Structures
  • An Algorithm to Detect Packet Forwarding Misbehavior in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  • An Autonomic Approach to Verify End-to-End Communication Quality
  • An information model for the management of Optical Burst Switched networks
  • Artifact Reuse Method using Knowledge Base to Develop Operation Support Systems
  • Authentication Optimization for Seamless Handovers
  • Automated Management of Disaster Recovery System by Adaptive Scheduling
  • Automated Provisioning of Shared Services
  • Automatic Structuring of IT Problem Ticket Data for Enhanced Problem Resolution
  • Automating the Generation, Deployment and Application of Charging Schemes for Composed IMS Service
  • Autonomic Management of Component-Based Embedded Software
  • AutoSeek: A Method to Identify Candidate Automation Steps in IT Change Management
  • Design of NGOSS TSA Using Web Services Technologies
  • Design of the pCASE Platform for enabling Context Aware Services
  • Extracting Bulk Configuration Data from a Relational UMTS Management Database

Posters on Wednesday, 23 May

  • Fault Management based on peer-to-peer paradigms
  • Galapagos: Automatically Discovering Application-Data Relationships in Networked System
  • Hierarchically Federated Registration and Lookup within the perfSONAR Framework
  • IT Service Management for Campus Environment –Practical Concerns in Implementation
  • Learning attack strategies through mining and correlation of security alarms
  • OSPF Failure Identification based on LSA Flooding Analysis
  • Policy-driven Business Management over Web Services
  • Realising Adaptive Web Services through Automated Policy Refinement
  • Reducing Complexity of Software Deployment with Delta Configuration
  • Reliability of Service Level Estimators in the Data Centre
  • Requirements for Managing Distributed Packet Filter Configurations in Carrier-grade IP Networks
  • Roles Considered Harmful in Policy-based Management for Dynamic Organisations
  • Seamless Integration of Network Management Tools in a Multi- Domain Environment
  • Self-Management of Context-Aware Overlay Ambient Networks
  • Server Capacity Planning with Priority Allocation for Service Level Management in Heterogeneous Server Clusters
  • Service Provider Considerations for IT Service Management
  • SML Model-based Management
  • Storage Planning and Management Using a Web-Based Management Service
  • Towards Automatic Composition of Network Management Web Services
  • Towards Autonomic Provisioning of Wireless Grid Services
  • Virtualizing Resources: Customer-Oriented Cross-Domain Monitoring for Service Grids

Posters are presented in the foyer, in front of conference rooms.

Further questions related to posters should be addressed to the poster co-chairs:

Radu State, INRIA-LORIA, France
Nazim Agoulmine, University of Evry Val d'Essonne, France